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Cambiata Press Catalog

Mission:  Cambiata Press is committed to providing quality music for a variety of early adolescent choirs and for adult choirs that require (SSAM) and (SAM) voicings, (M = Men). We believe that we fill this mission better than any other American choral music publisher. – Don Collins, founder and past managing editor.

Part 1 = S = soprano or male treble
Part 2 = A = alto or male treble
Part 3 = C = cambiata/tenor
Part 4 = B = baritone

SSAB  (M = men’s voices)



This series if unique, as is each middle school choir classroom. Don Collins created the Mixing Melodies Series to offer the teacher a variety of musical options to help students succeed.

Part 1 = S = soprano or male treble
Part 2 = A = alto or male treble
Part 3 = C = cambiata/tenor
Part 4 = B = baritone

JINGLE BELLS (Mixing Melodies Series) arr. Don L. Collins.

AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL (Mixing Melodies Series) arr. Don L. Collins

GLAD CHRISTMAS (Mixing Melodies Series) Jim Hoover, arr. Don Collins.

CHRISTMAS IS (Mixing Melodies Series) Theron Kirk

DECK THE HALLS (Mixing Melodies Series) arr. Don L. Collins

DEEP RIVER (Mixing Melodies Series) arr. Don L. Collins

EARLY ONE MORNING (Mixing Melodies Series) arr. Don L. Collins

GIVE ME LIBERTY ( Mixing Melodies Series) arr. Don L. Collins

HE’S GOT THE WHOLE WORLD (Mixing Melodies Series) arr. D. Collins

THE KEEPER (Mixing Melodies Series) arr. Andrew Rousseau

PRAISE TO THE LORD (Mixing Melodies Series) arr. Don L. Collins

SILENT NIGHT (Mixing Melodies Series) arr. Don L. Collins

TEACHER, HELP ME (Mixing Melodies Series) arr. Don L Collins

TRUE CHRISTMAS (Mixing Melodies Series) J. Gilbreath, arr. D. Collins

WHO IS SYLVIA? (Mixing Melodies Series) arr. Don L. Collins


Selecting music that fits a singer’s vocal range is essential for success. Comprised of variable voicings, this series of original works allows for flexibile part  assignments. Potential voice assignments are provided, but additional possibilities exist.  Should the choir have a minimum number of changed male voices (baritones) consider having them sing the soprano part or perhaps the alto part down the octave.       

Part 1 = S = soprano or male treble
Part 2 = A = alto or male treble
Part 3 = C = cambiata/tenor
Part 4 = B = baritone


The Spiritual Series offers a variety of loved melodies, arranged in a variable voicing format.  Part assignments have been suggested, but teachers may want to consider different voice assignments or small edits to ensure a successful fit with the voices in unique classroom settings.


It was Irving Cooper who originated of the cambiata concept.  Although these wonderful melodies deserve your consideration, some teachers may find Part 2 a little low for young altos.  In such cases, make an edit.  The same may be found in Part 3(CII).  Sometimes, it lay a bit too low.  Should you find it so,  don’t be reluctant to edit the line to allow the music to fit the students’ voices.




“Terrific Tunes”

A Tempo



“Singing Boys”





A Tempo

Mixing Melodies


Voicing Menus


Post-2015 Catalog

Dr. Don Collins, the founder and the past managing editor of Cambiata Press, invited me to become the “new” managing editor in 2015. Because of our successes with the Cambiata Institute, our efforts with the 2014 Cambiata Composition Initiative, and the impact Cambiata Press had on my own early teaching, I accepted his offer.

There is much to do. Organizationally, we plan to maintain the pre-2015, “original” catalogue, while establishing a new collection, the post-2015 catalogue. In the immediate future, we will work through pre-2015 titles to verify, clarity, and revitalize. Simultaneously, we will begin to publicize the new Cambiata Press to the nation’s middle school choral teachers and to invite new composers to contribute exciting, quality choral music for the voices of early adolescent boys.

Mission: “Cambiata Press strives to provide quality choral literature that fits the vocal ranges and the literary imagination of early adolescent boys.” — Alan McClung,Ph.D., managing editor